Numerous experts at GREENPACT 2024


On October 29-30, with the first edition of the GREENPACT European ESG Summit Congress, Poznań will become the center of the European debate on sustainable development. There is less and less time left until the event, and the group of its speakers is constantly growing.

Experienced experts, prominent business representatives, well-known investors, distinguished academics or recognized representatives of public administration. It is to them that we will give the floor during the GREENPACT Congress to share their thoughts on topics related to sustainable development, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

For two days, we want to talk about things that are really important, which is why the prepared panel discussions will allow us to analyze ESG topics from an extremely broad perspective. Also for this reason, the group of experts invited to participate in the event represent different industries and specialties.

Recently, more speakers have confirmed their participation in the GREENPACT Congress. Among them are:

  • Marek Kłoczko - President of the National Chamber of Commerce
  • Karolina Opielewicz - Member of the Board of Directors of the National Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Office of Communications and Member Affairs
  • Maria Krawczyńska-Kaczmarek - Board member of the Responsible Business Forum
  • Agnieszka Skorupińska - Partner at Rymarz Zdort Maruta
  • Franek Sterczewski - Member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland for the ninth and tenth terms
  • Aleksandra Majda - ESG Impact Network
  • Borys Sawicki - Sołtysiński, Kawecki & Szlęzak
  • Dr hab. Joanna Kulczycka - Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow
  • Joanna Maria Stolarek - Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw
  • Jolanta Okońska-Kubica - Managing Director at ENVIPOL
  • Dr Jolanta Turek - Assistant Professor in the Department of Risk Management at the Institute of Corporate and Investment Finance at the College of Business Administration of the Warsaw School of Economics
  • Tomoho Umeda - founder of Hynfra and Hynfra Energy Storage
  • Dariusz Bugalski - journalist, columnist, writer, poet, teacher
  • Mikołaj Potocki - ALTEMIS
  • Agnieszka Durlik - Director General, Court of Arbitration at the National Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr Beata Kozyra - ESG director Gran Thornton; member of the ESG Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce
  • Clarissa Morawski - Co-founder of the Reloop Platform
  • Cleo Ćwiek - model, podcaster, founder of the You Can Go Crazy Foundation
  • Dr Ilona Biedroń - President of the Healthy River Foundation (d. Hectares For Nature)
  • Dr Irena Chawrilska - Director of the Academic Center for Polish Language and Culture at the University of Gdansk, coordinator of the Culture (for) Sustainable Development program at te UG Center for Sustainable Development
  • Ludwika Włodek - sociologist, journalist, Assistant Professor at the UW's Eastern European Studies Program
  • Maciej Kalwasiński - Chief specialist in the China Team of the Mark Karp Center for Eastern Studies 
  • Marianna Wartecka - Director of partnerships and advocacy and board member of the Survivor Foundation
  • Robert Adamczyk - Chief ESG specialist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Tomasz Pietrzak - Manager of the legal team of the Survivor Foundation
  • Wojciech Konecki - President of Applia - Association of Domestic Appliances and HVAC Manufacturers, Vice President of the National Chamber of Commerce
  • Zuzanna Nowak - Director of analysis at The Opportunity Institute for Foreign Affairs, expert at the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy
  • Maria Garcia Alvarez - Senior lecturer by the Global Project and Change Management BBA program at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands 
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