Join the GREENPACT European ESG Summit Congress!


We encourage Polish entrepreneurs, who plan to implement sustainable development principles in their business strategies to participate in the GREENPACT Congress. Ask for details of the offer and join this inspiring event!


Learn how GREENPACT can be a key tool in the implementation of ESG strategies, supporting the environment, community and effective corporate governance.

29-30 OCTOBER 2024, POZNAŃ

The GREENPACT Congress is an event, where discussions will take place around key areas related to social responsibility and sustainability. Invited guests will focus on pointing out methods that companies and organizations can use to effectively incorporate the assumptions of the above areas into their business strategies during debates and panel discussions. The event will feature as many as 60 debates.

The GREENPACT European ESG Summit, is organized by the MTP Group and the National Chamber of Commerce and will be held at the Poznań Congress Center on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair.